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It’s Triad season...

By: Lee Stokes | Head of Sustainability Solutions & Innovation

Well it’s that time of year again, Triad Season.
The time of year when forward thinking clients attempt to save cost by flexing their electrical usage. 

I say attempt as hitting a triad peak has been more of an art than a science for many years. Choosing to run from an imprecise warning and often having to run more than you would like to ensure you hit all 3 peaks. Hitting all 3 peaks is essential to maximise the benefit you receive but this must be balanced against running to often and potentially causing disruption at a site level.

Working with our academic partners in Brunel University & National Physical Laboratory we have created a Machine Learning Triad prediction engine. This engine went live last year and out performed the best in class commercially available “triad warning services”. Calling fewer individual run days and running for fewer hours overall while still correctly predicting all 3 Triad peaks.

The death of diesel DSR & the rise of Targeted Turndown Triad…

Traditionally Triads have attracted a lot of backup diesel generator engines to provide the response for a client. However, with the advent of the MCPD regulation this is no longer possible to undertake.

Mitie are now running for clients a programme of targeted Triad’s. We use BMS connected assets like ‘cooling’ at a site and turn these assets off for just 30 minutes. This would not be possible with traditional Triad warning services as they call too many run hours and most sites could not be off line for so long without impacting internal site comfort parameters. Mitie can offer this service which will help clients turn down and still benefit for TNUoS charge avoidance.

Make hay while the sun shines…

With the pending Total Charging Review (TCR) the future of Triads are uncertain and they look likely to change along with the rest of the energy market in this large strategic review that is underway.
However, for now there is no change to the rules and the Triad Season runs from the start of November 2019 to the End of February 2020. 

Get in touch now to purchase this warning service from Mitie or for a full consultation on how to create and maximise the flexibility you have in your business.

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Staying ahead of the competition means taking control of your energy. Making it simple, sustainable and efficient. Now, imagine taking control not only of your energy, but also of your assets, your building, your entire estate. 

Our end-to-end capabilities mean that we can offer everything from standalone services to a fully outsourced and integrated solution.
But as we are not a utilities provider, our services are truly independent. We are part of Mitie, the UK’s largest facilities management provider. This means that we can advise, implement, deliver and manage solutions that leverage our expertise across multiple utilities and Smart buildings to provide maximum efficiencies and cost-savings. 

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